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BFP R4A New Year's Call 2012
The Bureau of Fire Protection Region 4-A held its New Year’s Call for the Regional Director last January 17, 2012 at the RHQs Multi-garage. It was attended by all Provincial, City and Municipal Fire marshals of the Region. After the call, an open forum was conducted to discuss issues and concerns in the field units and the programs to be implemented on year 2012. Most of the problems tackled were the implementation of RA 9514 pertaining to the shortage of official receipts, how to claim the 20% share of the LGU which is intended for the fire station, and the strengthening of the monitoring system of the region.

This whole day activity is also a celebration of the one year stay of the Regional Director, CSUPT NIMFA D CUARTEL, who first set foot at BFPR4-A as regional director on January 16, 2011. One year had passed with so many accomplishments unfolds. In her speech, she was proud with the tremendous increase in the fire code fees collection but still challenged the fire marshals to double their collections for this year. She also boasts the notable decrease on fire damages which can be attributed on the quick response to fire calls. Such accomplishments according to her were the obvious result of team effort and for love of service.

When she accepted the position as Regional Director of BFP R4A she braced herself with the challenges which she may encounter in her new assignment. Her position sometimes requires her to have an iron hand to strictly implement programs for the good of the bureau. As an officer who hurdles the ups and down in the service, she encourage the young ones to be more dedicated in their work and always put their heart in every works they endeavor.

Down the road of success always awaits some obstacles which may hinder to somebody to continue the journey but with the motivation to deliver quality and efficient service to the people they can conquer them all. As the Regional Director says, “We should not sit on our laurel instead dream higher but try harder”.