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BFP Batangas Collected Highest Amount Paid in a Single Receipt for Fire Code Fees
The Bureau of fire Protection (BFP) of Batangas City, spearheaded by SUPT ROMEL C. TRADIO, for the second time has collected the highest amount paid by a company in a single receipt as payment for fire code fees in Region 4-A.

Pilipinas Shell petroleum Corporation which is located at Batangas City, paid a total of Nine Hundred Seventy One Thousand Seven Hundred twenty Eight Pesos 37/100 (PhP 971,728.37) as a single receipt payment for storage clearance fee, realty tax and fire safety inspection fee, in accordance to Republic act No. 9514, also known as the "Revised Fire Code of t5he Philippines of 2008".

Inspecting a sizeable company like Pilipinas Shell is truly a grueling task since the said corporation processes and stores extremely volatile petroleum. Apparently, the recently conducted inspection of the BFP is a noteworthy achievement because we did not only increase the safety measures of Pilipinas Shell, but we further pre4served the safety of the residents living within the vicinity.

The management of BFP R-4A had prioritized the conduct of inspections on business establishments in an effort to prevent fire incidents. Evidently, our fire prevention campaign was very effective that it dramatically decreased the fire incidents in CALABARZON this year. On the other hand, fire code collections were also strictly monitored in order to maximize the remittances of fire code collectors and prevent any malpractices in its process.

With the collective efforts of the men and women of BFP R-4A in the collection and inspection aspects of our operations, a considerable amount was exceptionally collected which can be used to upgrade our existing firefighting capability. The Fire Code Fees Collection will be used to procure needed fire tracks and other firefighting equipment.The public can be assured that the BFP is seriously committed to strictly implement the Revised Fire Code of the Philippines in order to prevent destructive fires.